Stud Service Requirements

Our boys are available at stud to approved bitches. We reserve the right to accept or deny any breeding.

The bitch must be on Full Registration.

The bitch must have OFA final hips and elbows and be genetically tested for PRA, EIC, HNPK and the dilute gene.

The bitch must have an OFA cardiac clearance.

The bitch must be current on her OFA eye exam.

The bitch must have a certified AKC 3-generation pedigree.

We require copies of all clearances and a picture of the bitch.

Our stud fee is $1300. We accept a service fee of $300 that is non-refundable and payable at the time of service. The remainder of the stud fee is due when 2 or more live pups are 2 weeks old and prior to AKC registration of the litter. We will not approve AKC registration until stud fee is paid in full.

If shipping, the cost of extender, shipping boxes and shipping costs will be charged to the bitch owner, payable at the time of service.

Our stud contract is available upon request.