Celtia Labradors is dedicated to breeding top quality chocolate, black and yellow Labradors. When planning a breeding, all pedigrees are carefully researched to find top quality individuals. We aim to produce solid Labradors with the best quality of health, while still conforming to the breed standard, which fully describes what a Labrador should look like.

All of our breeding Labrador Retrievers are tested for hips and elbows and are current on annual eye exams through OFA.

We are located in the southern corner of New Hampshire, near Vermont and Massachusetts. We are approximately 2 hours from Boston, MA and approximately 30 minutes from Brattleboro, VT.

Our goals are basic: To breed a Labrador that is as close to the breed standard as possible without sacrificing health. They should be your best friend, your one confidante, and help bring home the bacon.