Celtia's Pied Piper

Piper is a great pup. She wants to visit with everyone and check out everything in her path. She plays great with others but also knows when to chill out and relax.

CNM Clear, Cone Degeneration Clear, CMS (Labrador Retriever type) Clear, Copper Toxicosis ATP7A Carrier ATP7B Clear, EIC Clear, HNPK Clear MCD Clear, PRA Clear, RD/OSD, Skeletal Dysplasia 2 Clear, Stargardt Disease Clear, Dilute Clear

Sire: Can CH Startops Legendary
Dam: Catraz Overseas Noelany Haven

Breeder: Kathy Coleman



Celtia’s Pied Piper  
DOB 01/15/2020

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