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Buyer Beware ~ Questions every puppy buyer should ask.

Coat Colors - Breed Standard Regarding Color

Long-Term Health Risks and Benefits Associated with Spay/Neuter in Dogs

DDC Veterinary

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)

Pawprint Genetics

Labrador Breed Standard


LABMED ~ Rx for Rescued Labs

Puppy Sites ~ Breeder Listings


The Art of Raising a Puppy by The Monks of New Skete (This is a good training book with lots of good common sense. I highly recommend this for anyone adding a puppy to the household.)

How to be Your Dog's Best Friend by the Monks of New Skete

The Labrador, the Dog That Does It All by Lisa Weiss and Emily Beigel

The Labrador Book by Heather Wiles-Fone

The Holistic Guide to a Healthy Dog by Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown

The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell (This book covers the difference between humans and canines and how we misinterpret each other. It covers several training tips, and how to understand your dog better. This is a great book for anyone who is acquiring a dog.)

The Rosetta Bone by Cheryl S. Smith

Training the Perfect puppy by Andrew De Prisco

The Proper Care of Labrador Retrievers by Dennis and Pat Livesey


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