Randallane Morgan La Fey CGC


December 2002 - November 2016

"The Heart of All of Us"

Morgan was not just “the heart of us”. Morgan made us into the dog people that we are. What we didn’t already have for compassion, passionate love, and care for all those around us, Morgan taught us more. Morgan came to us from Randallane Labradors. Her breeder placed her with us and coached us along. Morgan became such an important member of the family playing with the kids as they grew and always crawling in my lap every night after supper while I relaxed from the day. She always met us at the door when we came home and walked us to the door when we left, always trying to slip by us to jump into the car. She never cared where we went as long as she could curl up in the back of the car and go with us. We learned how wonderful it was to have a dog’s love, how great it was to have that constant companion who always wanted to be with us. Morgan loved everyone and passed her Canine Good Citizens test easily as that was her personality. Morgan always did as she was told unless she wanted to do something different.

As the other dogs came along she was always accepting, but all knew that she was the queen. She was the best mother and grandmother - always helping take care of the babies no matter who was mother of the litter. She slept with them, cleaned them, and cared for them as if they were hers, adoring the babies, walking with them as they got older and letting them bite her tail, ears and hang off her jowls. She wouldn’t dream of ever reprimanding a baby. In her later years when she was unable to pick her feet up high enough to get into the whelping pen with the babies she would lean over the side and wash whoever she could reach and would sleep on the floor beside the pen just to be near them.

Morgan was just the best family member we could ever ask for. We continue having her with us through River and his daughter Raine and through Lady and her daughter Phoebe. We owe Morgan for everything that we have here, everything that we are and all the comfort she gave and taught all she raised and helped raise to do the same.

No dog ever lives long enough, but while they are here they give us everything that they have. Morgan taught us our mantra, “Love what you do and do what you love”.