Celtia's Lady Gwenhwyfar


Named for Queen Guinevere, however we prefer the Welsh spelling of the name. We gave her the title of Lady instead of Queen as we don't feel she will ever act like a Queen -- we'll be lucky if she acts like a Lady. Gwen is a very outgoing young girl with tons of energy and a very confident attitude. She jumps into everything with all four feet. We like to entertain the thought that someday she will act like the lady her name implies and that of her older sister, but I think that is wishful thinking on our part. 

Gwen is now fully retired and living the life on a couch in a pet home.

Pedigree for Celtia's Lady Gwenhwyfar 

OFA Hips Good; PennHip 70th Percentile; Elbows Normal
Optigen PRA Normal/Clear; CERF Annually
Full Dentition
Coat Color: C (bb-EE)